Pitch Letter

A successful business requires creativity. And in the food business being creative means selling something that none of your competitors are offering. 

Persian food is beautiful and has an exotic smell because of Zafaran and other spices.

Whole Foods Market, Gelsons, Trader Joe’s and Follow Your Heart, only sell Armenian, Arabic or Greek appetizers. Americans like variety in food, however for years they have been buying from these other ethnic markets such as Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Mexican food.  

Vegans and vegetarians are desperate to find appetizers, main meals and desserts. One of the best advantage of Persian meals is once you prepare the base of the dish then you may add meat, chicken or serve it as it is as a vegan/vegetarian. The second best advantage is that it can be prepared and packed and easily distributed to different Bristol Farms branches for the cooler section, which decreases the percentage of spoilers, especially with vegan and vegetarian meals. Certain spices I will reveal once you agree to taste the variety of my meals and these dishes smell and taste even better after a few days. 

I am ready to prepare the most popular Persian dishes with chicken, meat, vegetarian and vegan for tasting. The reason I know the most popular ones is because I spent seven years in Sweden and 29 years in America cooking Persian food with my special recipes for friends, coworkers, my children’s friends with different ethnicity backgrounds. I am capable of training your main chefs in a short period of time.

In the past few years I’ve made phone calls to executive managers of Whole Food Market and Trader Joe’s and Gelsons, however they required review of my recipes, plus a list of spices that I use in cooking. 

But that is not going to happen before people in charge will taste and semi-approve-it.

I am grateful to Mr Curry since he encouraged me and suggested to prepare this offer to be presented to the Corporation.

The Persian cuisine is ancient, diverse as well as cosmopolitan. Eating habits and products from ancient Greece, Rome, and many Asian and Mediterranean cultures have influenced this unique cuisine.

Women have had a great influence on the history of cooking in Iran. The best chefs were, and still are women. From the palaces of the Persian Kings to the average housewife, women have had fabulous skills in preparing exquisite cuisine.

Best Regards

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